Top 10 of 2018

By Jason Sawyer – Dec. 30, 2018

With nearly 50 movies to consider, these are what I decided upon as the finest of the year. However, despite everything I watched, there are some notable exceptions. We didn’t launch until Sept. 15th, and while a solid effort was made at playing catch-up, the clock ran out and a few managed to slip through. Those would be Suspiria, The House That Jack Built, Revenge, The Clovehitch Killer, Incident in a Ghostland, and Anna & The Apocalypse. We tend to focus on streaming offerings here at Terror Spective, so those limited theatrical and VOD releases tend to fall by the wayside. Got no excuses for Revenge though – it got cut in favor of Christmas Horror Week, but it’ll get covered very soon. Also, I’m going to skip making a worst-of list – I reason that the actual worst horror films of 2018 were ones I purposefully avoided, because I’d much rather find titles to recommend than hate on.

Honorable Mentions:


– The Endless
– Overlord
– Prodigy
– Unsane
– The Witch in the Window

The Top 10

TOP 10 2018 LIST

Happy 2019 from Terror Spective!

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