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The grief experienced when losing a loved one can often feel like the end of the world, but upcoming release Starfish takes that to the furthest most extreme. Aubrey (Virginia Gardner, who played one of the unfortunate folks to find themselves in the path of Michael Myers in the most recent Halloween film) loses her best friend Grace, and after the funeral, breaks into her apartment and stays there as an immersive act of mourning. The next day, she wakes to find that a monstrous apocalypse has begun, and with the help of a cryptic mixtape left by her late friend, sets out in an attempt to save the world.


There would appear to be at least one monster on the larger side of things on the loose.

With comparisons being made to It Follows and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it would seem that indie rock musician A.T. White has set the bar high with his directorial and screenwriting debut. According to outlet SyFy Wire, during a Fantastic Fest Q&A, White cited both real-life loss and the first two Silent Hill games as big influences on his creation of the Lovecraftian doomscape in Starfish. His unique use of music and its juxtaposition to the dire circumstances has also been noted in providing the film with a distinctly unique atmosphere. As per his IMDb profile, he intends on donating all his proceeds from the film to cancer research.


Here’s some pretty solid evidence that Starfish is more than just feelings and snow.

While Starfish has received some criticism for being overly dreamy, contemplative, and experimental in its presentation, many festival screening reviews have praised the movie glowingly. Words like ‘beautiful’, ‘ethereal’, and ‘terrifying’ have been used to describe the unorthodox creature feature and leading actress Gardner’s film-carrying performance has been given much acclaim. As a big fan of psychedelic horror and monster movies, this is among my more anticipated releases of 2019, and the wait won’t be long either, as distributors Yellow Veil Pictures and The Orchard have acquired the film for a Spring release in limited theaters and digital VOD.

A bit of ON THE RADAR news – previous feature movie Pledge has been slated for a January 11th release date by IFC Midnight.

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