On the Radar – Braid


Braid weaves the tale of two ne’er-do-well young women who decide upon a wealthy childhood friend to target for a big heist. However, their plan will prove to be no simple feat of confidence trickery, as the old acquaintance has descended into a delusional world of childhood make-believe. In order to get close enough to make off with a big ill-gained payday, they will need to indulge her untethered and fantastical imagination, which may be much more dangerous than they had considered.


Premiering back in April at the Tribeca Film Festival, Braid has received much acclaim throughout its festival run for its gorgeous cinematography, hallucinatory visuals, inventive camerawork, and mind-bending story. The debut feature from writer-director Mitzi Peirone, she has been heralded for bringing an uncompromising vision to the screen, made possible by a history-making endeavor that resulted in Braid becoming the first film ever fully financed by crowd-funded cryptocurrency. The film stars Madeline Brewer, of whom the movie Cam made me an instant fan, as Daphne, the deranged hostess to her criminal friends. After seeing her as tormented protagonist, I’m very interested in her take of a tormenting antagonist (or given the nature of the plot, an antihero).

I find that psychedelic horror, with its often nightmarish imagery and logic coupled with a deep subversion of reality and normal expectations, is a baffingly neglected corner of the genre. As evidenced by Panos Cosmatos’ recent acid-trip tour de force Mandy, there is indeed a strong appetite for grueling psychotropic fare, and Braid promises to fit that bill. Acquired for distribution by Blue Fox Entertainment, the film is slated for release to select theaters and VOD likely in the first half of 2019.

On the Radar