Free Streaming Options for Horror Fans

(NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement or endorsement of the following products – just some suggestions for your entertainment needs.)

Here at Terror Spective, the aim is to provide viewing suggestions, reviews, and articles about horror movies that you can watch right now. Whether they’re in theaters, available through most Video-On-Demand services, or showing on one of the major streaming outlets, we want to help you sort through the baffling number of choices and find something worth your while. Also, we don’t think you should be expected to shell out $30 for some collectors Blu-Ray of an obscure piece of genre cinema to watch whatever film we’re featuring. You likely already pay for one of the major streamers, so why not get more value out of that?

Speaking of value though, getting something for free is always nice. While we currently cover movies showing on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Shudder, we’re going to add these four services to the mix as well (and throw in a bonus suggestion as well because we think it’s kinda neat).

Of all these on the list, Hoopla is probably the coolest. With just a library card from one of over 1500 systems throughout the US and Canada, you can gain access to a rather substantial amount of horror movies (there’s also other movies as well as books, audiobooks, and comics). You’re limited to 8 titles a month and you must view your selection within 3 days, but they’re uncut and ad-free. We’ll take that. (Hoopla is available for Amazon, Apple, Google, and Roku devices.)

TUBI TV STREAMINGUnlike Hoopla, Tubi TV is an ad-supported service, so you can expect spontaneous commercial breaks at what are sometimes the worst possible moments, but free things can be like that sometimes. However, they claim that their selections are uncut and they do have a fairly wide selection, which is always appreciated. (Tubi TV is available for Amazon, Apple, Google, Roku, and TiVo devices, Xbox, Playstation, Samsung & Sony TVs, or direct-from-site.)

Crackle is very much like Tubi TV in regards to advertisements and not editing their movies for content, but the selection is slim pickings for the horror fan. However, they are the only streaming service, free or otherwise, currently carrying certain high profile titles like Insidious, John Carpenter’s Vampires, and Priest. So they don’t get much, but what they do get can be interesting. (Sony Crackle is available for Amazon, Apple, Google, & Roku devices, Xbox, Playstation, LG, Samsung, Sony, & Vizio TVs, and Windows phones.)

FXNow is something of a double-edged blade. They have the FX/FXX library available to stream (which means American Horror Story, It’s Always Sunny, and Archer, to name some notables) and have some really high-profile horror titles like the Evil Dead remake, Crimson Peak, and World War Z – all free with a pre-existing cable subscription with a participating provider. They also, like Tubi TV and Crackle, have ads, but that’s not the cringe-worthy part. They edit them for content. Imagine sitting down to watch Fede Alvarez’s hyperviolent Evil Dead remake to find that it’s cut to TV-14 (!?!?!?) At least six minutes missing to bring it to what is essentially PG-13 territory. No thanks. However, that’s not bad for something like World War Z that is already tamer and not likely to be missing much content, if any at all. It’s a mixed bag, but their exclusives are hard to ignore. (FXNow is available for Amazon, Apple, Google, Roku, & Windows devices, Xbox, and Samsung TVs.)

Pluto TV is not exactly a typical streaming service, but more like a free cable package. Instead of choosing from a library of on-demand titles, they provide a variety of channels that broadcast content in time slots, like old-timey television. They boast something like 100 different channels, and one of them is called Horror 24/7. Can’t really say how great the selection is, but at the time of writing this article, they’re currently showing Hellraiser, so that’s nice. This would be a great resource for the horror fan on a budget. (Pluto TV is available for Amazon, Apple, Google, & Roku devices, Sony & Vizio TVs, or direct-from-site.)

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