What is Terror Spective?

A fair question. Another fair question – why another horror news and review outlet? Aren’t there about 100,000 or so? Yeah, probably, but the thing is – I don’t care. I’m doing this out of love for both the horror genre and writing, so market saturation doesn’t really concern me. Who am I? You ask a lot of good questions. My name is Jason Sawyer, just a guy who’s been watching horror movies since about the age of 5, when I stealthily watched Creepshow on some pre-cable relic called OnTV while my mom chatted on the phone in the other room because it was the 80’s and that’s just how stuff worked. Everything was on a cord. I started writing stories at about the age of 8 and haven’t had a damn thing published. Haven’t submitted a damn thing to be published. If I had a good explanation for that, I’d probably be published by now. I don’t worry much about it. I then did a bunch of other things since then that are generally irrelevant to the subject at hand.


With Terror Spective, I aim to convey my lifelong affinity for horror with content written for both diehard and casual fans alike. With no advertisements, I have no incentive to pander – have no need for maddening clickbait slideshows or those goddamned ads that hijack your browser and you need to close and reopen the thing and delete your cache and holy shit, there’s a special place in hell for whoever developed that gem. Hollow out their worthless fucking skull with an antique spoon and – I’m getting off topic. Basically, I’ll try to offer a unique voice in a crowded room for a niche subject and if you like it, that’s great. You can follow Terror Spective on Facebook or on Twitter – I’ll appreciate it. In the months ahead, I’ll be greatly expanding the review library, writing a feature article at least once a week, and sharing info on both upcoming releases and selections on popular streaming services. There may be more, depending on how this goes. And if you don’t like it, you can always shove off. We’re both busy people, right? No sense in wasting each other’s time.